Principal Joe Alsup by Kiwi

Principal Joe Alsup, as drawn by Kiwi

Brought to you by Avery M., Natalie H., Kiwi W. & Joey M., 4th Grade

For all those kids who want to know more about Joe before he leaves, this is the story for you!
Favorites: Joe’s favorite color is blue, Wire is his favorite TV show and his favorite singer is K.D Lang. His favorite actor is Tommy Lee Jones. His favorite animal is his dog.
Little Known Fact: Joe speaks sign-language.
Joe’s Life: We asked, “Were you a good student as a kid?” He said, “Yes…”
We asked, “Have you always wanted to be a principal?”
“I started as a teacher, and taught for 20 years, then I gradually worked my way up to be a principal.” He got his teaching first job in Tennessee, in 1980. He was a vice principal at South Eugene High School, and a principal at Crest Elementary, and then he came to Edison.
Sadly he’ll be retiring at the end of the year.

What some teachers & kids think about Joe:

John B. (teacher): Joe is a nice considerate guy who cares a lot about the teachers, students and staff at Edison.

Raisa (1st grade):  He is o.k.

Katie (5th grade):  Awesome!!!!

Avery (4th grade):  He is one of the best principals here at Edison!!!

Kiwi (4th grade):  He is very nice nice even when you are in trouble.

Natalie (4th grade):  He has a good sense of humor.

Joey (4th grade): He is cool.