By John H., 4th Grade

Do you like books? Well if you do, I have the perfect book for you.

It’s called Septimus Heap. It’s a great book for people who like adventure, with wizards, witches and Dark magic. There is a necromancer in all 7 books, too. A necromancer is a person who messes with the dead. That might sound scary, but it’s really not. Not all the ghosts are bad!

It all started out when the Heap family (6 children in all ) had a new baby (now 7). The baby was called Septimus, meaning 7th, because his father was the 7th son and Septimus was the 7th son of the 7th son. While Septimus’s father was away, a person who was looking after Septimus drugged him and stole him because the necromancer ordered the person to do it.

There are 7 books in all. Ask me for the first books, or the Public Library or Smith Family Books. I only have 6 of them because the 7th is not out yet. If you want to get the 7th it’s called Fire.

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