One of the best ways to support our program and your children’s work is by keeping up with our blog.  You can sign up for both Program Updates and New Posts in the sidebar on the right, “Follow Us”.  You’ll receive no more than two emails per week, and you’ll be the first to know when students have published new stories or when we have announcements about the program.

It’s also important to take time to comment on the kids’ work, and to use the sharing buttons to share the kids’ stories with family and friends.  Writing, photography, art, it’s all about communication, and communication is a two-way street!  We mediate all comments,  we only publish students’ first names, and otherwise follow the school district’s acceptable use policies, so we believe we offer and model safe and thoughtful online behaviors.  Beyond that, the kids thoroughly enjoy tracking where our visitors come from using our map and flag wigits.  It’s a full learning experience!