By Fatou F., 5th Grade

Lions are almost extinct so we need to do something about it. The reason I want to help the lions is that they are my favorite animals. There are other animals almost extinct but I want to write about these animals. Lions live in Africa and Asia but mostly Africa and they live in the tall grasslands.  The government and builders are taking away the grasslands and building on it. The lions are going to be wiped out also because people are using their pelts for fur clothing, shoes and things.  They might also go extinct because people in China sometimes grind the teeth into powder to use for potions.  If we don’t help the lions they are all going to be wiped out from the entire world. I say that we ask the government to make a special place for the lions where they’re protected but they can still be free.  If people could start caring about them that would be so great. So I would like for us to give them more attention. If you’re one of the people who likes lions you understand how I feel about these animals, we all can make a difference.