by Jordan L., 3rd grade

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I love animals and the Cascades Raptor Center is one of my favorite places.  It has taught me a lot about raptors and it is a great example of how people can help animals.  A raptor is a bird of prey that only catches their prey with their feet.  The raptor center is a place where they help injured, sick, or orphaned raptors.  The goal is to eventually return the raptors to the wild, but sometimes they would not survive if set free so the raptor center becomes their home.

I interviewed Carrie Sigloh at the Cascades Raptor Center.  It was her first day as a staff member after volunteering for over three years.  Her job is to make sure things run on schedule, including caring for the birds and educational programs.  Carrie has wanted to work with animals since she was a little kid.  At first she wanted to do something with primates, then she came to the Raptor Center and became “totally addicted to raptors.”  She said,  “And now I’m very lucky and very happy to be working here.”  The thing she enjoys most about her job is forming relationships with the birds.  She has a special bond with Dakini, a white tailed kite that was the first bird she ever handled on a glove.  Something that she learned about raptors that surprised her is that they have personalities just like us.  Carrie said that something we can do to help save raptors is learn more about them and teach others how to not endanger them.  Also, if you find an injured raptor you can call the raptor center.

If you can, you should definitely visit the Cascades Raptor Center!   I recommend the handler talks on the weekends that let you see the birds up close and learn more about them.  Another fun activity is Family Nature Discovery Day on the last Sunday of the month, from May to September.  Best of all, the money you pay to visit the raptor center is used to help the birds!