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by Travis P., 2nd grade

I really like Star Wars. My favorite movie is the third and sixth. I like the fight in the third one. I like the Ewoks in the sixth one. I like the sixth one. The sixth one is really cool because the Death Star explodes. The third one is cool for the fight and when the younglings are training. The third one is also cool for the Ewoks and C3PO tells the story to the Ewoks. In the third one the baby Ewoks are really cool.

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My favorite Ewok is Wicket. I like Wicket because he finds Princess Leia and his father flies hang glider and drops rocks on the Stormtroopers. In the third one on the hot lava planet it shoots out bubbles of hot lava. The sixth one is cool also when Luke jumps off the trampoline and jumps up in the air and catches his light saber from R2-D2.

Did you know the sixth one is the third one and the third one is the sixth one? ┬áThat’s because they first made the fourth one, so technically, the sixth one in the story is the third one that they made. If you haven’t seen the sixth one and the third one, you should see them.