kids working in publishing class

Hard at work!

Dear Families,

Check out the blog! Lots of great new stories posted, and many more to come.  Zanne and I have decided to add an extra week to this session, so that March 7 will be a work day and the following week, March 14, we’d like to have a celebration together, at the regular time. Parents invited, of course. We do need a few families to volunteer for a special snack for the 14th.  If you can help out, please email us.

Your kids have put a lot of time and effort in on their projects, tried new things, overcome challenges and generated a lot of fun and laughter in my life.  Now that their work is appearing on the blog, they’ll appreciate your feedback!  Add a comment at the end of a story, and use the buttons below each title to share their stories by email or Facebook or Twitter. Pass the links on to grandparents, aunts & uncles, and family friends, or to people you may know from near and far.

If you look at our map on the web site, you’ll notice we are especially seeking readers from South America (and Antarctica). Otherwise, we’ve been read around the globe! By the way, if you’ve had trouble commenting recently, please try again – our commenting settings seemed to have reset themselves to block most commenters, but that is now fixed. Also, remember your kids can still log in and work on their posts from any computer, any time, anywhere, so they can finish a current project or add something new.  As always, all posts and comments are moderated by us before they go ‘live’ on the site.

Lastly, we will have one more publishing class this year, again on Wednesdays from 1:15-2:45, beginning after Spring Break.  Hope to see many of you back again!

Thanks so much,

~ Kirsti & Zanne