(source: sheknows.com)

by Lane M., 4th grade

Gerbil Care

If you are planning on getting gerbils, then you should get two from the same litter and the same gender, (unless you want to have baby gerbils). When you are buying supplies, never get a wire cage, get a fish tank instead. Gerbils need a wheel and they like to have a wooden house to sleep in. Also, make sure you are constantly giving them cardboard to chew on. Make sure you change their food and water every day.


Lane's gerbil. (Source: Lane's mom)

How to Handle Gerbils

When you are holding gerbils, it is a good idea to reward them by giving them food such as pumpkin seeds, barley, and small bits of almond. Don’t let them bite you. If they attempt to bite, just pull your hand away. Never pull or squeeze their tails, they are really fragile. Handle your gerbil carefully. Try to use both hands and stay low to the ground, they will jump out of your hand.