By Katie W. 2nd Grade
Once a wood spider lived in a girl’s room and was not noticed by anyone for a very long time. Until, the little girl was sleeping and she yelled, “OH NO! There’s a spider on my head!” She woke up her mom and dad because she was so loud. They were both very grumpy and tried to kill the spider by smashing it with their fists. The spider ducked and dodged trying to avoid every single attack. Then, he hid in some shade.
The girl went over to the spider and let it crawl on her soft hand. She slept with it in her bed and was so happy she kissed it by accident. Then, the spider got put in a tank of water because her parents were angry that she had kissed the spider. The spider was scared he might die, but then out of the blue the girl picked him up and put him safely outside. The sweet girl made a leash for him and took him for a walk every day. Finally, the spider made a web with soft silk with the leash still around his neck. The girl pulled on it a little bit and the spider ran and scurried up his emergency escape line. Then the spider started changing into a Pegasus and was too big for his web. The girl rode him away and made him her pet.

The end