Cup of crayons with the word "Illustrate"Illustrations are drawings, photos, clip art, collages, maps, charts, diagrams and more! Here are some ways to make them:

Start on paper, on a computer, or with a camera. You can switch from one to the other.

Start on paper

Use pencils, markers, crayons, collage or paint.

If you finish your work on paper, scan it, and save it to your project folder.  (If you don’t have a scanner, take a photo of your work. It might not be as clear, but it will still work.)

If you draw with a pencil, be sure to draw lightly, then erase any extra marks. Then go over your drawing with clear lines so it will show up well on screen or in print. This is especially important if your illustration needs to be small.

When you are finished, use the computer to add it to a story or publish it on its own.

Start with a photo

See our photography tips.

Start on a computer

There’s lots of software, including free tools on the web, for making illustrations.  Come back soon for more links!

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